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Rose versus rosehip oil in skincare products for calming and anti-aging

Rose vs. Rosehip: Differences, Benefits, and Uses

Rose oil is among the most popular rose-based beauty products. But when you hear the term “rose oil,” do you think of rose oil, or rosehip oil? And what exactly is the difference? Read this to find out!
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Coffee oil has many skincare benefits and may help reduce cellulite.

Seven Reasons You Should Be Slathering Yourself in Coffee Oil

Coffee does more than boost your energy — it also has a ton of skincare benefits. Read this for everything you need to know to give your skin a daily pick-me-up with coffee oil!
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Lavender Benefits for Skin: Improve Skin with an Antibacterial Botanical

Lavender Benefits for Skin: Beautify with a Healing, Antibacterial Botanical

With the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of lavender for skin helping to soothe and control the skin’s outer layer, it is an obvious ingredient for inclusion in products for the face and body. 
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Chamomile Benefits for Skin

Top Therapeutic Chamomile Benefits for Skin

Nature is undeniably abounding in resources that offer remarkable value such as the many chamomile benefits for skin. There are quite a few convenient preparations that help people experience the immediate gifts of this powerful plant like chamomile tea, essential oil, supplements and creams.
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