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Join The Dynamic Consultant Program

by Herbal Dynamics Beauty®

Make beauty your business.

Love beauty and skincare, and love sharing great products with others? Our unique program rewards you for spreading the word and introducing people to your favorite products! It’s easy to start and completely flexible.

Discover the Dynamic Consultant Program
from Herbal Dynamics Beauty. Start your business in minutes!

Powered by Nature. Inspired by You.®

Herbal Dynamics Beauty harnesses the power of plant-based ingredients and extracts to deliver functional skincare benefits. We believe everyone should have access to healthy products that support positive well-being.

Transform a love of beauty into a beautiful business. Meet the Dynamic Consultant Program by Herbal Dynamics Beauty.

There’s a lot of fluff in this industry, and people want honest recommendations from people they trust, now more than ever. Our most loyal customers come via word of mouth and genuine community reviews from people like you. And, we think you should be rewarded for helping our indie beauty brand reach new faces.

The Dynamic Consultant Program provides you with the tools to transform your love of skincare and beauty into a revenue stream, with no commitment or purchases required. Simply sign up, get your link, and start sharing!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Sign Up

Register in minutes to access your personal dashboard, sales tools and get your unique link.

Go through the training library and learn about our diverse products at your own pace.

Step 2: Get to Know HDB

Learn about product ingredients and benefits with access to product guides, videos, images and more.

Test and try HDB products so you can share your real opinions, demonstrate, and recommend products to your clients.

Step 3: Build Your Business

Promote your unique link on social media, your website, in-person events and more.When people use your link and make a purchase on our website, you receive a commission.

When you introduce new Consultants into the community, you also receive a commission from their sales.

Why Should I Join?

It's fast and easy.

Registering for the HDB Dynamic Consultant Program only takes a couple of minutes. There are no required purchases (although you will have access to exclusive discounts!).

It's flexible.

Work whenever, wherever you want. Work however many hours you want. Work from home, vacation, or a coffee shop. You’re your own boss here.

It's a real way to earn money.

Earn up to 40% commission on sales you drive, plus royalty income on sales of Consultants you bring to the program. The more you sell and build your team, the more you are able to earn.

It's a community that builds you up.

In this program, you’re an independent business owner but you aren’t working alone. The HDB team is here to support you with training and sales resources to help you along the way.

It's built on products that work.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty bridges skincare science with powerful natural botanicals for real benefits. We are a clean, cruelty-free beauty brand with stringent standards.

Let's Get Started!

Joining the HDB Dynamic Consultant Program is easy! Fill out the simple form on our registration page. You’ll get instant access to your Dashboard, link, and educational materials to get you started on the path to success.

Consultant Starter Kits

After signing up, you'll have access to our Consultant Starter Kits. These bundled sets feature our best sellers and tools to get your business launched. Enjoy special discounts, first access, and members-only products!

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Have Questions?

Check out answers to popular topics below, or get in touch with us. You can also find complete program details, requirements, eligibility, rules and terms in the Dynamic Consultant Program Agreement and the Consultant Handbook manual.

How Do I Sign Up?

Join the Dynamic Consultant Plan by Here you’ll find the registration form to get started.

You can find the full Dynamic Consultant Program Agreement here, be sure to read through this document and the Consultant Handbook for terms and conditions, eligibility, program requirements and general information about this program.

Is There a Cost to Join or Ongoing Fees?

There isno cost to become a Consultant, though we do recommend selecting a discounted Launch Package so you can experience and demonstrate HDB products to your clients. There are also no annual fees to continue program participation, but there are sales thresholds to maintain active status.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Consultant?

As an HDB Consultant, you can earn up to 40% commission on every sale you drive to our website. If you enroll other consultants and build a team, you can also earn commission on their sales. Consultants also have special access to product launches, invite-only events and enjoy a 25% discount on most items.

Can I Sign For HDB’s Consultant Program If I Am Affiliated With Another Company?

Yes. All HDB Consultants are independent contractors, and many have diverse interests and business goals. We only ask that you abide by the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Dynamic Consultant Plan policies and terms, which include not soliciting other HDB Consultants to join other direct sales/social marketing companies you may be affiliated with.

Can I Sign Up Outside of the United States?

At this time the Dynamic Consultant Plan is only available to residents of the United States.

How Do I Make Money?

As a Consultant, you can earn money by referring people you know and meet to Herbal Dynamics Beauty. Consultants often share their affiliate link with friends, family, social media followers and anyone else who may be interested in our products. You can connect with Clients in person, online, on social media, via virtual consultations, and more. The sales you drive earn you a direct commission of up to 40%. You can also invite other people to join HDB as a Consultant, and when you do so you earn additional income when they make sales, too.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

The amount of money Consultants earn fluctuates significantly and depends on the amount of time and effort they choose to apply to sales efforts, as well as the size of their Client networks and teams. Opportunities for income include direct commissions on sales, dynamic commissions on sales of people you recruit to join as Consultants, and occasional incentives and bonuses. HDB does not guarantee any level of income, as each individual’s success depends on personal effort, skill, ability and circumstances.

Do I Have to Purchase or Maintain Inventory?

No. You simply refer your clients to our website using your personal link, and we take care of the rest. You may choose to purchase products at a discount for demonstration purposes and to share with clients in-person, but this is not required.

Is There a Sales Minimum?

The Dynamic Consultant Plan establishes a monthly target for active Consultants in order to maintain sales and encourage growth. When you join as a Consultant and take part in our brand mission, we want to see you grow your business and help you achieve success. To remain an active Consultant in the program, we have a sales threshold of 1,000 every 6 months (including your sales and personal orders).

What Happens If I Decide to Exit the Program?

We understand that personal needs, time and interests fluctuate over time and are here for you. If you feel that the HDB Dynamic Consultant Program is no longer a fit after your enrollment, please reach out to your mentor to see if there is a way we can support you. If you do wish to withdraw, you may do so at any time by contacting Support.

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