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Herbal Dynamics Beauty @ Indie Beauty Expo Berlin 2019

Herbal Dynamics hits the road to attend to the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo in Berlin!

We'll be presenting our full product line as well as seven brand new products March 22 & 23. Come by and see us at Booth A111 to meet the team, experience our line and enjoy show-exclusive specials.

  • March 22nd is for retailers, buyers, media and other industry professionals from 2PM to 6PM. Registration and tickets are also required.
  • March 23rd is SHOP INDIE day, where anyone can visit the dozens of indie beauty brands and shop them in one place. Hours are 1PM to 5PM and the event is ticketed, so be sure to grab yours in advance!

Learn more about attending on Indie Beauty Expo's website.

In the meantime, shop our newest products!


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Glowing skin Effect

I've done masks that make my skin glow before, but I think the diamond and pearl powder really add a necessary Sheen to my skin. Because after I do this mask, I can usually go makeup less. There's a glow about my skin that is unreal!

Unlike other masks, it doesn't have yucky chemicals in it that makes my skin sting. That is always a plus!

Bubbly, brightening, beautiful!

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised when I received this product at how large it is, as well as how swift the shipping speed was! I’ve heard only the best about glycolic acid in cleansers, and after doing my research; this product seemed like a great one to try out for my skin. The natural ingredient line-up is dreamy, especially for folks interested in taking a more holistic skincare approach.

I have oily and acne-prone skin and I am in my mid-20s. This cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and fresh, without the “squeaky” feel of soap, but there is definitely a physical feeling of being cleaner. Picture provided of the bubbly goodness :). I can take off my make-up with this product, or use it in the morning when I wake up to refresh my skin before make-up application. To be honest, I’ve actually been using my make-up less and less with this cleanser because I really am enjoying my fresh faced look!

My skin has been looking a lot more glowing and less red as a result of incorporating this face wash into my skincare routine. My pores have minimized in appearance, and over-all I feel that my complexion appears more even and overall more clean-looking and feeling. Thanks HDB, I can’t wait to try out even more of your products, I’m addicted!

Works for my oily/acne-prone skin!

I see a lot of reviews for this product that are related to how beneficial this serum was for their dry skin, but I am really happy to announce that this product worked great for my oily skin! I consider myself a bit of a skin care addict so I was familiar with a lot of the super star ingredients within this serum already, and knew how they interacted with my skin before switching to this serum and incorporating it into my daily skincare routine. I was not disappointed by the results! I am finding a more even complexion, my skin looks supple, and looks/feels healthier.

I love how this serum goes on, and how much control you have over the product application. I am able to use a more concentrated amount on areas that get dry, and my redness has been better under control, which I am attributing to the chamomile and other botanicals. Also, my skin doesn’t feel greasy after using this serum, which is a huge plus. Absorption is quick enough where I don’t get it all over my pillow or bed sheets.

As someone in their mid 20s, I am very proactive with my skin concerns, and it is nice to know that this product delivers against some of the signs of aging, while also being satisfying on a day-to-day level result-wise. Going into the summer months in sunny southern California, it’s nice to pump up my skin with some antioxidants and environmental barriers that work at my skin while I sleep! Waking up glowing, thanks to ya’ll at HDB, thank you!

Great Product

Works awesome and very light!

Best Eye Cream ever!

I absolutely love this eye cream. I have been using it for three months monrning and night. It has definitely helped with my dark circles and also have helped to even out the skintone around eye area. I wake up to bright hydrated looking eyes. I highly recommend it!

The prettiest Mask ever!

This is my absolute favorite mask ever. I love how pretty it looks. Love how soft plump it makes my skin. Definitely gives a lovely healthy glow. Highly recommend it!

My new favorite body wash!!

The wash smells great and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. My skin isn’t dry like it usually is right out of the shower; due to the hard water in the city. It foams nicely with just a couple of squirts on my sponge. 10/10 an everyday luxury everyone deserves!

Revives dry skin

I started using the argan oil serum when my skin began to dry up due to the air conditioning when summer begun. So far, it has done wonders to my skin. It moisturizes it and leaves it revived and smooth. I like how all ingredients are organic and natural, I always opt in for the healthy cosmetics. I'm impressed with the serum and will definitely keep using it!

Beautiful mask and great for brightening the skin

This mask is beautiful!!! It smells great and I literally cant wait to apply it every time. It’s great for brightening the skin!

What a change

I’ll start by saying I don’t wear makeup so having a good serum and clear skin is very important to me! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it has made my skin look really even. It is not a heavy or oily serum which I like. I feel it absorbs nicely so I can continue with other products. I use this neck up with no irritation. I feel it keeps any breakouts away too not that was a huge issue for me but still every benefit helps.

Hydrating and cooling

I love putting this cream in the refrigerator before I use it. It is so hydrating! I have no problem using this under my tinted moisturizer too. I suffer from ocular rosacea and this has not caused any issues for me. I also use it twice a day and have seen such a more toned eye area.

Great for sensitive skin!

This cleanser removes impurities really well and is refreshing on the skin. It doesn’t feel harsh at all. I don’t love the smell but I think it’s a great product!


This toner smells so great! It calms, hydrates, and refreshes my skin. I love using it after my cleanser. The toner tones skin, makes pores smaller, and more.

Smells great

This is so refreshing and I love the smell. I use it before bed and sleep like a baby. I'd definitely get this again.

Amazing Set for Gym Lovers

The Coconut Sweat Activating Gel makes me SWEAT. I apply it to my abdomen, thighs, and arms before a workout, add my waist trainer, and it’s game over. I use it alone to increase circulation. It’s fabulous! This product contains tons of vitamins, coconut oil, and Shea butter which my skin loves.

The Flawlessly Firm Toning Body Butter tones and tightens. I slather this on after my post workout shower. It smells like a tropical dream. Light hints of kola nut and mango butter with warm vanilla makes me feel like I’m pampering myself as opposed to using a firming cream. This product also contains coffee oil and green tea extract. ⁣again, my body loves this stuff!

Smooth and great smelling

This product is quite lovely. I really enjoy the feeling after using it. My face feels very joyful and clean. Not only does it clean well the smell of the product is quite nice. Yay for the wonderful ingredients!

Super refreshing, smells good too

Really glad I picked this up. The scent is nice, but also it feels good to use this at the end of the day. Morning too I use it, but I do feel like at night it's better to use than just your average moisturizer. Definitely watch out for the eyes. You'll learn quick how to best apply - and it's worth it. Definitely recommend.

Great Mask!

This is definitely one of the best clay masks I have tried! It calms and refines my skin so well yet never dries it out. Love the scent as well! The one complaint I have about this mask is that it can make my eyes water severely—apparently this is due to the salicylic acid. Overall a solid 4/5!


This stuff smells great. I love how it feels, so cool and refreshing. The one I got was a lot more red than the pictures show though.

Good for traveling

I like how this product is lightweight and you can throw it in your bag. Just note if sprayed it comes out a bit watery and white, so you do have to rub it into the skin. However, It’s very smooth on the skin once it dries.

Non greasy!

This is one of the few face sunscreens that I've used that hasn't made my face super greasy. It rubs right in and even moisturizes my face. You can't tell I'm wearing it. So far I really really love it!


Do not get it in your eyes, it burns. Ha! Buuuut I LOVE this stuff.

Gentle everyday cleanser

Great natural everyday cleanser with seaweed extract, loquat, and rosehip seed oil, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The combination is meant to maintain the skin's PH balance and gently remove impurities. Love how the produt foams and suds up to make the skin feel ultra clean.

Great texture

Love it, thanks!