Herbal Dynamics Beauty @ Indie Beauty Expo Berlin 2019

Herbal Dynamics hits the road to attend to the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo in Berlin!

We'll be presenting our full product line as well as seven brand new products March 22 & 23. Come by and see us at Booth A111 to meet the team, experience our line and enjoy show-exclusive specials.

  • March 22nd is for retailers, buyers, media and other industry professionals from 2PM to 6PM. Registration and tickets are also required.
  • March 23rd is SHOP INDIE day, where anyone can visit the dozens of indie beauty brands and shop them in one place. Hours are 1PM to 5PM and the event is ticketed, so be sure to grab yours in advance!

Learn more about attending on Indie Beauty Expo's website.

In the meantime, shop our newest products!


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Plumping and hydrating

I am a huge fan of this face moisturizer, I was not sure what qualities prickly pear has but once I used this product I immediately felt like my skin was smoother, my hydrated and softer. It's a little more heavy than a serum and opaque in color but 2-3 pumps of product is a good amount and will smooth out your skin and complexion.

Great Product!

I love the lightness of this cream. It comes in a tiny bottle, but it does go a long way.
This product will make your skin soft all day long. It’s amazing! With a light fragrance, and natural ingredients, it’s very gentle on skin.


Serums are great for my sensitive skin. This is a lightweight formula and great for dark spots! I just wish the bottle was larger

Value buy!!!

For some reason my face has been breaking out lately, which is NOT normal for me. I searched and searched for a product that would actually help....and ladies I don’t have to search anymore! This little bottle of joy is all I need...just go for the 4oz, you won’t regret it!!

Silky Skin!!

This tiny bottle of magic has left my face feeling SO silky smooth, you guys will LOVE IT!!!! Such a great product, and perfect for travel too! And the smell is just heavenly...

Finally bag free!

Wow guys! Finally a product that actually helps with the bags under your eyes...I have tried literally EVERYTHING and this is the only product that actually has positive results ... so highly recommend!!!

Perfect moisturizer

First impression: Bottle is really small — because with this product a little goes a LONG way. 2-4 pumps to cover my whole face, or 4-6 if I want my neck too. Some nights I have more time to really cover every inch of my face :) Other nights, I just slap it on and pass out HAHA The entire next day after I use it, my face/neck stays plump, firm, super smooth and incredibly moist. It’s so soft, I keep wanting to touch it all day even though I know I shouldn’t. I love the light almost unnoticeable smell, and it smells fresh and clean. Don’t think I will buy any other night cream — I’m a customer for life!

Relief Just In Time

Height of allergy season and my eyes have been puffy and irritated. I ordered this product and it arrived really fast. The fragrance is calming and refreshing and I could feel a cooling, tingling sensation immediately upon application. A very small dab will go a long way so I advise using even less that you think you will need on your first application. I plan on pairing this with my sleeping gel eye mask during the days when allergens are at their worst. I also recommend keeping this product in the fridge for added relief. Once again I am impressed with the quality and efficacy of Herbal Dynamics Beauty Products. Undereye swelling reduced significantly after use.

Super smooth

The balm is super smooth and smells really good. The balm is really thick and softening. The only thing I would say is that because of the texture of the product I’ve been more inclined to use it as a night cream and wake up to the pretty skin so it’s easier to just put on makeup and go.

Vitamins C Must Have!

I have used a lot of vitamin c serums and this one is one of my all time faves! Smells great and applies well. Absorbs easily and isn’t oily or sticky. Leave my face looking refreshed and looking good!

Brighten up your look!

As a man dealing with the unfortunate aging effects of being in my 30s, I’ve been looking for a facial cleanser that will not only clean my skin, but also brighten it’s appearance and clarify it’s complexion. This wonderful cleanser does that and more! I could see the results after the first use, my face looks brighter, and I even have a slight glow. My girlfriend noticed it as soon as she got home and even bought herself a bottle! I think I found my new favorite face cleanser!

Collection of Roses

I use this product in conjunction with the Rose Water Toner for an overall rosey appearance.
This moisturizer has a unique feeling to it. It's very thick, and has a gritty/seed like feeling too when rubbing it into the face. That may be breaking down all those fine lines, but I'm curious what ingredient causes the grit.
Overall been enjoying the scent and overnight effects.

I’m so in love with these

I absolutely adore these mists. I’m a big Mario Badescu fan but these babies top with their metallic bottles. It keeps the mist cool and is heavenly delicious to spray in my face while driving in hot LA weather!

Awesome toner

Love this toner and the price! The spray bottle is a great and I love the size, since you can bring it with you anywhere. Great toner for an affordable price.

Lovely product

I very much enjoy this product. It was a really great smelling. The gel was very therapeutic, and I loved what it did to my skin. It is now much softer and my fiancee loves how I smell!

Thank you, one again!

Light & refreshing

So light and refreshing. My skin feels healthier the second it hits my face and the scent is so pleasant. Delightful 😊

Bye Bye Dark Circles

Bye bye eye bags! Ever since having a kid I have had dark eye bags. I would have been happy with just a reduction of them but after using this product for a week I now need a microscope to see them. I am going to have to order another bottle for my wife.

Perfect to pair with hydrating serum

I received my foam cleanser yesterday and have used it twice since. It doesn’t make my face breakout like other cleansers and pairs perfectly with my Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

Smells Heavenly

Right away I noticed that this product smells amazing and far better than another hydrating mist I have. I love that it’s a toner with a spray bottle function. My skin instantly feels hydrated and refreshed when I spray this on after cleansing. 4 oz size is perfect for the price.

Gentle yet powerful cleanser

Love that you’re getting a bang for your buck in that this Cleanser moisturises, cleanses and leaves my skin super refreshed. After a couple of uses, my skin feels brighter and even makes my makeup look better. Love that my scars have lightened and I just look more awake overall.

Great scent, and noticeable results!

Really enjoyed this so far. Has a fresh scent, and feels cooling to the skin. Skin was also noticeably softer this morning. Would definitely look to order again once this runs out!

Gentle and lovely scent

The most important part of a nighttime moisturizer that I look for is whether my skin is still hydrated when I wake up, and this one nails it. Even though I move a lot in my sleep, I could still feel the moisturizer on my skin in the morning. I also noticed that it evened out my skin tone, and the usual redness and puffiness was gone. I love how gentle it was on my skin but still got the job done. Also, as per usual, it smells amazing.


Very soothing and refreshing. Leaves skin feeling smooth after only a few uses. Very much recommended!

Perfect Product for Long Workdays

I’ve been keeping this mist on my desk to use throughout the day whenever my skin feels tired or dry. It’s a very fine mist, and the smell is so light it’s barely noticeable. My skin feels more calm and toned after using this mist. I plan on purchasing another bottle for home to use as a toner after I wash my face.

Smells as good as it feels

I have been using this product for the past few days and I feel like my skin hasn’t gotten the hang of it. I wasn’t sure at first since it seems more dense but it has worked really well. I’ve been concentrating on the dry spots like it recommends and I’ve noticed a great improvement.