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Exotic Ingredients for Beautiful Legs

March 30, 2021


Having flawless, smooth legs is a feat easier said than done. Our legs take up a huge portion of our lower section and that’s why people are persistent when it comes to taking care of them! As with many parts of our bodies, our legs are rather sensitive and prone to flaws and issues.

Since our legs are regularly used for hours in a day, they go through more heavy jobs as compared to other parts of the body. Some of the common issues that people deal with are varicose veins and the dreaded cellulite.

While problems are more common in the leg area, there are also various ways to fix these issues at a low cost. Your regular routine should include skincare products that contain these various oils and herbal extracts for beautiful legs:

Coconut Oil

Coconuts are simultaneously a fruit, a nut, and a seed, and they have become one of the most popular foods lately because of their many benefits. Coconut oil is good for boosting your immune system and beautifying your skin. Aside from that, the oil can work magic for your muscle pains too. 

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and so it can be helpful for relieving certain body aches such as arthritis. How? Coconut oil has high levels of saturated fatty acids, and specifically: lauric acid. This aids in targeting pain directly and it's easily absorbed by the skin. So you will not only have beautiful legs using this super ingredient but your muscle and joint pains will be reduced!

Butcher's Broom

Another one of the best ingredients for beautiful legs is butcher's broom because it helps minimize varicose veins. Swollen and sore veins in your legs are not attractive to look at and they make you look older than your supposed age. On top of that, having varicose veins means your health could be at risk as swollen veins indicate improper circulation of blood. 

To treat your varicose or spider veins or even prevent them as early as possible, using butcher's broom or products rich in this herb's extract should do the trick. Butcher's broom is popularly known as an effective aid in the circulation of your blood, relieves tension, leg pains, and swelling. On top of that, it aids in reinforcing your connective tissues as well as enhancing your capillary flow.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut also plays a big role as one of the top ingredients for beautiful legs. Like the butcher's broom, the horse chestnut helps in making your legs look flawless by getting rid of varicose veins. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in treating varicose veins.

While there are other medical treatments for swollen veins on your legs like laser treatments or wearing compressions socks or stockings, a natural remedy like horse chestnut may present the easiest solution. Using horse chestnut or products infused with such extract would work best to treat those stubborn veins.

In fact, a study shows that horse chestnut made improvements to people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency. It reduced the respondents' leg pains significantly compared to using compression socks or stockings. Combining horse chestnut with butcher's broom gives more effective results in treating varicose veins and making your legs look more flawless than ever.

Coffee Seed Oil

Aside from varicose veins, one of the things that are probably keeping you from having flawless legs is cellulite. No one exactly knows what causes cellulite but one thing that can help get rid of those dimply appearances, especially on your legs, is coffee! The caffeine found in coffee helps tighten the skin while it also provides antioxidants. Coffee seed oil mixed with coconut oil will bring even more effective results.

A definite benefit for this ingredient that is great for summertime - is that it helps relieve itching. Insect bites and stings make skin look unattractive but the itch can be irresistible. By using coffee, you can get rid of the swelling caused by insect bites or stings and prevent scarring that could result from excessive scratching just to relieve the itch.

Kola Nut Extract

Although kola nut extract is well-known as a flavoring agent (like the cola you drink, for example, contains caffeine from kola nuts), many people don't know that it can also be used to formulate cosmetic products. Kola nut extract is another one of the beneficial, active ingredients for beautiful legs.

Rich in antioxidants, it also activates blood flow. Health issues and other factors cause veins to swell, particularly in legs and arms. And since kola nut extract helps the body to have better blood circulation, you can massage it to your legs and other parts of your body to help get rid of "spider" and varicose veins. 

Like coffee seed oil, it is also known as one of the solutions to cellulite. Kola nut can also be gulped down to give your metabolism a boost, strengthen your immune system, and improve your digestion. It can be taken as a supplement to help you lose weight as well.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Basically, this methylsulfonylmethane or popularly known as MSM is another ingredient helpful for attaining beautiful legs. However, it is probably more powerful than the previously mentioned ingredients as it can be used to improve your skin's condition, restore your skin and muscle tissues, speed up the healing process of your body, and also act as an anti-inflammatory. 

MSM is one of the chemicals that promotes the production of collagen in your body. And with higher collagen production, it can help prevent your skin from sagging and wrinkling. In turn, your legs will be more supple and smooth. 

Like coconut oil and horse chestnut, MSM has anti-inflammatory properties too so when combined, your muscle pain and soreness, particularly in your legs, will quickly go away even after working out. MSM can shorten your body's healing process.

When you have any cuts or wounds on your legs, it can be embarrassing and people often hide them by wearing pants or stockings. Some even apply makeup which may possibly infect the skin, especially if the wounds are still open. But with MSM, you won't have to hide your legs as using MSM accelerates your body's ability to heal.

Mango Butter

Mango is not just a good fruit to eat but its kernel's extract, mango butter, is also good for your skin. It is rich in vitamins like C, A, and E and such vitamins are known as an aid to keep free radicals at bay. And when you use it as one of the ingredients for beautiful legs, you will have more protection from the sun's harmful rays. In addition, it helps soothe sunburns, helping to relieve pain topically. 

In Conclusion: Exotic Ingredients for Beautiful Legs

It goes without saying that these specific ingredients for beautiful legs are hard to find. One could visit several stores without finding all of these ingredients by the end of the trip.

Thankfully, conscientious companies have designed products to specifically target the problems people have with their legs. To create an effective product requires a deep knowledge of the ingredients covered here and the wide range of benefits they will have on our legs.