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Calm Red, Irritated Skin: Best Soothing Botanicals

Redness and irritation are often a sign that the skin’s protective barrier has been compromised. Read on to learn how to calm red, irritated skin.
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Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic skincare for sensitive and acne-prone skin

What Do Skincare Buzzwords Like Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallergenic Really Mean

If you have sensitive, oily and/or, break-out-prone skin, you know the importance of knowing what’s in your products. This post breaks down the details behind beauty buzzwords like "non-comedogenic" and "hypoallergenic."
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Why are fatty acids important for skin health

The Fat You Want: Fatty Acids Explained

Whether your skin is youthful and radiant or it is showing signs of photoaging or wrinkles, it’s never too late to start using the power of fatty acids in your skincare routine. Read on to learn more about the fat you DO want! 
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Chemical versus mechanical exfoliation for skincare anti-aging and acne

Chemical vs. Mechanical: Types and Benefits of Exfoliation for the Skin

There are two types of exfoliation used in skincare: chemical and mechanical. The goal of both types is to reveal new, fresh skin cells beneath the upper surface of the skin. Read this to learn the difference between the types and best practices for exfoliating! 
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Skin Health: How Does Vitamin C Help Your Body?

Applying skin and hair products rich in vitamin C will defend your skin from sun damage and environmental stress, will kill bacteria growing on skin which will help to minimize acne, and will help skin grow with enhanced strength and flexibility. Vitamin C does so much for us, and in this case, supplements and diet aren't the answer - topical products are!
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Aloe vera plant extract for skincare and acne

Using Aloe Vera for Acne and Improving the Look of Your Skin

Curious about the benefits of aloe vera for acne? Aloe vera is an ancient medicinal plant that holds astringent properties you can use to treat inflammation and infection. Read on to learn about it's top benefits and uses.

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How to mange your skin's microbiome for healthy, clear skin.

Why Your Skin’s Microbiome Matters

The skin microbiome is responsible for the health of your skin, including how well it absorbs skincare products. An imbalance of bacteria in your skin’s microbiome can lead to skin concerns like eczema and acne. Want to know how to manage yours? Read this to learn everything you need to know about the skin microbiome!

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How to improve collagen production and skin's complexion while you sleep

Sleep Your Way to Better Skin

Did you know that sleep can have a BIG impact on how your skin looks!? In both quantity and quality, sleep matters to our skin. Read this to learn how to get the sleep you need for glowing skin.
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What Is Micellar Water And Why Is It Good For Your Skin?

What is micellar water? And what is it going to do for your skin? Simply put, micellar water is a cleanser that is effective for removing dirt, oil, and makeup from the face. Micellar water - believe it or not - can save your skin!

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Rose versus rosehip oil in skincare products for calming and anti-aging

Rose vs. Rosehip: Differences, Benefits, and Uses

Rose oil is among the most popular rose-based beauty products. But when you hear the term “rose oil,” do you think of rose oil, or rosehip oil? And what exactly is the difference? Read this to find out!
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Natural skincare treatments for acne scars and hyperpigmentation

Acne Scars and Hyperpigmentation: Your Complete Guide to Fading Both Fast

Acne can leave behind scars and patches of hyperpigmentation that can linger for months – even years.But don’t fret! There are some treatments that actually work to fade scars and eventually get rid of the traces of acne. We’re breaking down everything there is to know about fading acne scars and hyperpigmentation fast so you’ll be on your way to a smoother, brighter, more even complexion in no time!

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benefits of tamanu oil for skin care

Benefits of Tamanu Oil: The Exotic Elixir Your Skin Will Love

Tamanu oil is relatively new to the U.S., so research is still surfacing in regard to its proven benefits and treatments for various skin conditions, but we've got all of the information you need on this exotic skincare ingredient. Read this to find out tamanu oil benefits and uses.

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