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Men’s Grooming 101: The ultimate guide to skincare with a beard

December 09, 2019

Men's skincare with a beard

Having a beard means lots of facial hair upkeep, but what about the rest of your face? A great beard starts with taking care of the skin underneath. We’ve got the ultimate guide to skincare with a beard ahead!

Facial hair strips moisture away from your skin which can result in a dry, flaky skin and dandruff. Worse yet, facial hair catches dirt and sebum near the hair follicles, clogging pores and leading to in-grown hairs and breakouts. Follow these simple morning and nighttime skincare routines daily to keep your whole face looking fresh. 

Morning skincare with a beard routine


Use a hydrating face wash with natural ingredients like strawberry to combat the dryness that comes with having a beard. Rinse your face with warm water before washing to open pores for deep cleansing action. Facial hair tends to trap oil and debris around the hair follicles, which means more clogged pores. Use your fingers to massage the cleanser into the skin under your beard (just like you would do to your scalp with shampoo).


Exfoliating before you shave not only rids your face of dead skin cells and excess oil that causes acne, but it also helps to open up your pores and lift facial hair in order to prevent cuts and in-grown hairs. Not to mention it softens your beard.

Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is not only the most delicate, it’s also the first to show signs of aging. Use your finger to gently tap a hydrating eye cream into the skin around your eyes every morning to reduce dark circles, lines and puffiness.


Using a daily face moisturizer keeps the skin under your beard hydrated, looking fuller and healthier. If you’re not using a beard oil (you should be, see below!) make sure to rub a little moisturizer into your beard too, to keep it soft. 

Beard oil

The most common skin complaints associated with beards are dryness and itchiness, and beard oil addresses both by conditioning the hair and moisturizing the skin underneath. Scatter a few drops of oil well into your beard and use your fingers to gently spread the oil throughout.

Nighttime skincare with a beard routine


It’s important to wash your face twice a day if you have a beard. Remember- facial hair contributes to clogged pores. And you never want oil and bacteria to sit on top of your pores while you sleep, so rinse away all that gunk from during the day before you head to bed.


Too many guys skip this step, but using a face toner will not only rinse away any remaining residue your cleanser left behind, but combat oil causing breakouts. Plus, it soothes and nourishes your beard.


Fight the effects of the environmental aggressors of the day like sun exposure and pollution by applying your serums before bed. Nighttime is when your skin renews and rests and it’s the best time for active skincare ingredients

Eye cream

Using your eye cream a second time at night helps prevent wrinkles while you sleep.

Night cream

The final step in your nighttime skincare routine adds an extra level of moisture to your upper-most skin layers keeping it looking full and firm. In addition to hydrating, using a night cream last seals in all your serum ingredients.

Beard care tips

Beard care is all about nourishing the facial hair and skin underneath to keep it clean, hydrated, and flake-free, as well as keeping your beard soft, smooth, and tamed. These beard care tips will keep your facial hair looking and feeling healthy.

Trim it regularly

Regular trims are essential to a well-groomed beard. How often you trim depends on its your beard’s shape, how dense it is, and how fast it grows. Invest in a quality trimmer, and always brush out your beard before trimming it dry, for the most accurate results.

Comb it

Regular beard trims will maintain your shape, but combing your beard daily will train any stubborn hairs into growing in the right direction. Start by combing the beard from the bottom and coming upwards and outward. Begin at the neck and work towards the cheeks and chin. By combing this way, you separate all the facial hair so that your beard appears fuller.

Eat right

The health of your facial hair is heavily reliant on your diet. That means loading up on protein, fat, and vitamins B5, B3, and B9. Eating things like lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens will give you healthy facial hair to work with.

Here’s the bottom line. If there’s hair on your face, it will affect the skin underneath. Ignoring the skin under your beard can lead to issues like beard dandruff, in-grown hairs, and breakouts. Follow our morning and nighttime skincare with a beard routines daily and remember our beard care tips to keep the skin under your beard healthy and guarantee your most handsome face ever.