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How to maintain healthy skin sebum production for clear, healthy skin

The Skinny on the Skin’s Sebum Production

The amount of sebum the body produces directly correlates with how oily the skin is. (Sebum and oil, however, are not the same thing!) No clue what sebum actually is or how to maintain optimal sebum production? Read this to find out! 
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Top foods to eat to rebuild and increase collagen production naturally for youthful looking skin

The 5 Best Foods to Naturally Boost Collagen

Studies show that our bodies stop producing collagen as we ageThat leaves many beauty buffs wondering how to naturally boost collagen to keep (or regain) supple and flexible skin. Rather than using supplements, we recommend dietary sources of collagen for rebuilding collagen naturally. Read this to find out which foods to eat to boost your collagen production! 

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