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Top Essential Oils and Plant Extracts for Men’s Skin Care

October 19, 2021


Specialists who promote skin care for men acknowledge the fact that while there are many similarities, men’s skin is very much different from women’s. Due to differences in hormones and their effects on the skin, men and women have unique skin care needs. This is the reason why men should use the basic skin care products that will benefit them most.

Centuries ago men hardly paid any attention to the condition and health of their skin. Their skincare regimen was limited to washing with soap and water. Today, however, cleansing alone doesn't suffice as men become more conscious of their appearance.

If you're one of the many men who realize the impact of good skin in creating a good first impression, you should consider using essential oils and plant extracts in your skincare routine. Apart from being organic and safe, natural oils and extracts contain beneficial properties that support healthy skin.

To get you started, this piece will cover the best essential oils and plant extracts that will significantly treat men’s unique skin care needs.

Essential Oils That Promote Skin Care For Men

Essential oils, as the name suggests, are basically the “essence” of plants. They are natural oils extracted from various parts of a plant through the process of distillation. For edible plant sources like fruits, essential oils are commonly obtained from boiling the seeds or squeezing out the rinds.

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used in traditional medicine to address many illnesses. As years went by, the use of oils became even more popular considering the continuous discovery of their many outstanding health benefits.

Note, however, that while there are many types of essential oils available, not all of them can fully benefit men’s skin. Before you make your purchase, it is best that you know the most suitable ones. To help you on this journey, here are the top essential oils that promote skin care for men.


Do you notice that your skin is oily most of the time? Sadly, you have little control over your oily skin since it has a physiological cause. The testosterone produced by your reproductive system causes your skin to produce more oil.

The increased sebum production is the primary reason why men’s skin is more susceptible to attracting dirt, developing clogged pores, and eventually, forming acne. To help prevent and treat acne, your best bet is using lavender oil.

Lavender essential oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that treat skin issues like acne. Apart from topical application, this oil can also be used in aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety. As you may have experienced, your skin is more prone to breakouts when you are overly stressed and anxious.

In addition to helping your facial skin, the antimicrobial property of lavender is also effective in maintaining a healthy beard in men. Facial hairs tend to attract dirt, and this can lead to nasty beard dandruff. Massaging the beard with lavender oil can significantly deter bacterial growth, thereby, keeping the bearded area healthy.

Ylang Ylang

Since ancient times, people have always known the intricate relationship between stress and skin health. People then have observed skin changes when one is stressed even without an in-depth knowledge of what exactly goes on physiologically. After many studies conducted over the years, specialists now are more certain of the connection between stress and good complexion. 

Experts in dermatology have confirmed that the skin immediately perceives stress and is largely impacted by it. Stress generally causes skin inflammation and aging. These are conditions you wouldn’t want to experience as they will not only affect your complexion, but even your psychological state.

Conditions of skin inflammation include acne, contact and atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. So, what is the best way to prevent all these things from occurring? You need to address the source - which is stress.

One of the most effective ways of relieving stress is by using ylang-ylang essential oils. This type of organic oil had been proven to have a relaxing effect on humans. Massaging your skin with ylang-ylang oil or using it in aromatherapy can greatly relieve stress and depression.

It is important to note as well that stress reduction can also increase your skin’s resistance and prevent overproduction of oil.


If you think that rose oil may be too girly for you because rose is commonly associated with pink and women, well - think again. There’s a reason why spas and beauty centers fill their pools and tubs with rose petals. Many will attest to the skin-caring benefits of this flower including its essential oil.

Rose oil had been in existence since the early centuries. However, it is known more for it's therapeutic rather than skin enhancing effects. Today, people are experiencing all its wonderful benefits both in medicine and skincare.

Studies have shown that rose essential oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. That means that you can use it to treat acne, skin redness, scaling, and other inflammation. It can also provide relief if you have skin conditions that cause severe discomfort like itchiness.

Men with rough hands can also benefit from rose oil as it contains incredible emollient properties. Ordinary lotions provide temporary relief from dryness but rose oil does so much more. As an emollient, rose oil moisturizes the skin and keeps the moisture in.


Not surprisingly, one of the most common skin problems that men deal with is razor burn. You will know that you are experiencing one when you notice a reddish rash on your face and feel discomfort either immediately after shaving - or the discomfort may start a little bit later.

While it may seem trivial, razor burns can actually cause itchiness, a burning sensation, or tenderness to the skin. These symptoms can make you uncomfortable and uneasy throughout the day. To help you ease razor burn discomfort, you can rely on geranium essential oil.

The geranium essential oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that facilitate skin recovery. Considering that it is a botanical oil, it will not burn your skin or cause further irritation. Gently massaging the affected area with geranium oil can readily provide relief from symptoms.

Apart from treating razor burns, geranium oil can contribute to keeping you fit. While it does not necessarily promote weight loss, this oil is beneficial for your skin after you lose weight.

Losing a lot of weight can cause the skin to sag especially in the arms and abdominal area. When this happens, it would be hard to show off a fit body. Fortunately, geranium oil contains properties that help tighten the skin and prevent it from sagging.

By regularly massaging your skin with geranium oil, your skin will stay toned and tight. In addition, you can also enjoy the oil’s stress relieving benefits as you apply it to your body. Stress reduction is always good, not only for your skin but for your entire body as well. 


There is one thing that men’s skin is much better at than women’s – aging. Men’s skin does not show signs of skin aging until much later. Women in their 30s can have wrinkles but a man of the same age will still have youthful complexion.

This is good news for men like you, but there's a downside: once the signs of aging do start to appear, skin aging accelerates, meaning visible signs will appear much faster. Considering this detail, you should never be complacent about skin care.

Chamomile essential oil can help you maintain a youthful-looking skin. Clinical studies have shown that chamomile contains a rich amount of antioxidant polyphenols that have anti-aging properties for skin. Chamomile protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV exposure on the skin. 

Men who often play sports or who live an active lifestyle should also include chamomile oil in their skincare kit. Accidents involving scratches and wounds can happen when playing sports or carrying out adventurous activities. Chamomile oil can help the skin when this occurs because of its ability to promote healing.


Men’s skin is naturally oily because of hormones. Whether you like it or not, you have larger pores because of this and it invites dirt and grime to accumulate. To help get rid of dirt and excess oil, the combination of water and lemon oil (or lemon peel oil) is a good choice.

Regular toners or astringents that contain chemicals may seem to effectively clean, but they strip your skin of its protective moisture. The oil in your skin is not entirely bad as it moisturizes the skin. What you need to get rid of is the excess.

When you use lemon oil to cleanse your face, you can get rid of dirt and excess oils because of its antibacterial effects while maintaining its natural moisture.

Massaging your skin with lemon essential oil can also promote relaxation, helping you reduce stress that makes your skin look bad. Moreover, since it comes from a citrus fruit, it can effectively invigorate tired-looking skin.


When you work hard in the office and play hard at night, your skin will eventually show signs of tiredness and aging. Since your skin is the most visible organ of your body, everyone around you can readily notice your tired complexion. Prevent this from happening by relying on the skin caring properties of ginseng essential oil.

Ginseng oil had been found to protect the integrity of the skin. Ginseng delays skin aging and even promotes skin elasticity and tightness to postpone the appearance of wrinkles. By regularly using ginseng oil, you can be sure to have a more youthful glow.

Plant Extracts Suitable for Men’s Skin Care 

There is a misconception that plant extracts and essential oils are the same. In reality, they're different. As mentioned above, essential oils are extracted through distillation while extracts are obtained by soaking the plant parts in liquid (usually alcohol) to extract a certain property of that plant.

Plant extracts are commonly utilized as ingredients for medicine and skin care products. They also provide numerous benefits, but their effects are further enhanced by other components. The effects of essential oils, on the other hand, are more direct and intense on their own. 

To help maintain a healthy skin, make sure that the extracts cited below are included in your skin care products. These extracts have beneficial effects suited to men’s skin.


Men who are engaged in an active lifestyle expose themselves to environmental factors that can trigger the onset of inflammatory skin diseases. Common symptoms of these illnesses include redness, skin itching, rashes, and scaling. All these symptoms may seem simple but they can actually impact one’s daily life.

If you suffer from inflammatory skin diseases, you can find relief from skin care products that contain rose extract as an active ingredient. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of rose extract in providing relief from skin disorders considering its anti-inflammatory property.


Cucumber fruit extract provides numerous skincare benefits. When your skin looks dull and tired, it can help to freshen your skin and relieve tiredness.

Since a man’s skin is typically a few degrees warmer than a woman’s, skin care products that contain cucumber extract can provide a valuable cooling effect that refreshes you. Moreover, because of its astringent properties, using it can tighten your pores thereby preventing acne.


If you want to maintain a healthy-looking complexion even though you spend a lot of time out in the sun, you can do so by using products that contain watermelon extract. This extract is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that protect skin cells.

The main culprit for dull and aging skin is the sun. The antioxidant properties in watermelon extract will help your skin recover from the damaging effects of the UV rays from the sun.


If you are accustomed to eating an apple every day for good health, why not do the same for your skin? By using products that contain apple fruit extract, you can help your skin get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells.

If you notice that your facial skin is rough and unsightly, it means dead skin cells are piling up. Apple extract is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that promote gentle (chemical) exfoliation. With regular use, your skin will appear brighter since your healthy skin layer is now visible.


Maintaining healthy skin is important regardless of gender. But the components of skin care do not have to be exactly the same for men and women. As discussed above, men’s skin has specific requirements that need to be addressed. Fortunately, now you know the essential oils and extracts mentioned here are among the most effective for men’s specific skincare needs.