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Top Ingredients to Look for in the Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream

July 28, 2020

Top Ingredients to Look for in the Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Advertisements for products that claim to the best anti-aging eye cream are almost everywhere now. But really, how are consumers supposed to know if these products are actually able to deliver the results that they promise? If you want to find the best anti-aging eye cream on the market, here are the top ingredients that you should look for, as well as the benefits that each of them can offer.  


For hundreds of years, aloe vera gel has been used to heal, protect, and moisturize the skin. That’s how trusty the aloe vera plant is. It is present in a lot of skincare product because it works towards soothing and healing dry, irritated, and damaged skin. Aloe vera is often used under the eyes because it can treat fine lines and dryness. It is also filled with essential vitamins and minerals, which help fight the causes of wrinkling.

Aloe vera can effectively moisturize the skin under the eyes, making it one of the best anti-aging eye cream alternatives to heavy oils. Undereye skin is delicate and sensitive. It can easily get irritated from sunbathing, cleansing the skin, taking medications, and dehydration. But aloe vera is just so powerful that it can bring back the moisture in the skin and keep it supple and smooth —another reason why aloe vera makes the best anti-aging eye cream.

With that said, using aloe vera on the under eye area can prevent the appearance of crow's feet. It can also tone, brighten, and hydrate the area around the eyes, resulting in firmer skin. That’s what we’re going for, right? Evidently, aloe vera is one ingredient that the best anti- aging eye cream just shouldn’t miss!


The best anti-aging eye cream, as well as other skin care products, should contain antioxidants like green tea. This beloved beverage is actually a natural remedy used by a lot of people for various purposes. When it comes to skincare around the eyes, it can be considered as an alternative to the ever so popular cucumber. “Green tea on my eyes???” you may think. Yup, that’s right! Green tea is brimming with plenty of tannins and antioxidants and caffeine, and hence reduces the fluids around the eyes and calms down the swelling.

Putting brewed tea bags on top of your eyes is a great anti-aging eye trick. Letting the bags sit for a while will allow the tannins present in the tea to work its wonders on dark circles and puffy eyes. Aside from reducing the swelling, green tea also tightens the surrounding skin. So after you drink your daily cup of green tea, you might want to get that teabag and put it on your eyes. It’s that easy!

The caffeine and polyphenols in the tea is what makes this botanical a good eye cream ingredient. It shrinks the blood vessels, which helps get rid of the puffiness and treats dark under eye circles. Regularly putting green tea extract on the under eyes, will keep you looking fresh. Do that alongside eating a well-balanced diet, drinking enough water, and using a good moisturizer, and there should be no problem looking youthful all the time!


Hyaluronic acid is such a popular ingredient nowadays. In fact, it is present in most skincare products, and the best anti-aging eye cream should simply have this ingredient. Hyaluronic acid is already naturally present in the skin, and using it topically will simply boost its function.

Hyaluronic acid benefits the skin by attracting and retaining water, which is needed to keep the skin moisturized. Using any hyaluronic acid product is simply like giving your skin a glass of water. If your skin could speak, it would definitely thank you for that.


The best anti-aging eye cream should be able to make your eyes appear bright and luminous, and sesame oil is one ingredient that can do the trick. Sesame seed oil is rich in good fats, and it offers numerous health benefits. When applied topically, the oil also does wonders for the skin. It can make you look glowing! The lightweight hydration can prevent the signs of aging and keep your skin looking soft and supple – which is almost the same.

The nutrients found in sesame seed oil can significantly improve your skin’s texture and appearance. It contains various fatty acids that are all able to effectively moisturize the skin. Sesame seed oil is also rich in vitamins A and E, which are added to almost every skincare product because of their ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Chamomile has been used since the ancient times as an herbal treatment for a variety of skin issues. According to a study on the practical uses of botanicals on the skin, chamomile has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredients promote wound-healing, moisturize the skin, improve skin texture and elasticity, and even reduce the signs of photodamage - a.k.a. sunspots!

Look for the ingredients listed above when you search for your next eye cream. The best anti-aging eye cream should have one or more - or maybe even all of these ingredients.