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How MSM Helps Support Healthy Skin and Banish Cellulite

September 30, 2023

How MSM Helps Support Healthy Skin and Banish Cellulite

A couple of decades ago, it would be impossible for you to find any literature linking MSM and cellulite together. Methylsulfonylmethane, or what is more popularly known as MSM, was initially utilized as a mere solvent and nothing else. Fortunately, several studies were conducted that gradually revealed the many benefits of MSM.

Since initial MSM studies focused more on its potential value in complementary and alternative medicine, nothing much was said about its beauty advantages. However, upon further analysis of its properties, beauty specialists explored several questions like, “Does MSM tighten skin?” or “Does MSM get rid of cellulite?”

While there is still a need for more clinical studies to truly exhaust all the skin care benefits of MSM, there is enough evidence to support its effectiveness for certain uses. Among its beauty applications, this piece will focus on MSM’s ability to help banish cellulite. If you have a cellulite problem and you’re looking at how anti-cellulite products with MSM can address them, read on.

What is MSM and What Does It Do?

MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in plants and certain foods, as well as naturally in tissues and mammals' milk. In other words, MSM is a natural component of the body. To get pure MSM, it can't be extract, rather it is made using by reacting dimethyl sulfoxide with hydrogen peroxide. Unlike sulfur oxide, MSM provides more health and beauty benefits sans the negative side-effects.

Sulfur has always been used to aid in skin care. It repairs, cleanses, detoxifies, reduces swelling, and promote healthy-looking complexion. This is the reason why many skin care products like clearing clay masks contain sulfur as an active ingredient.

As a sulfur-containing compound, MSM is also effective in fighting one of the main causes of cellulite production – too many toxins in the body. If your body has accumulated many toxins, they would be stored in fatty tissues which may manifest as cellulitis. MSM, being an organic sulfur, can greatly help in the getting rid of toxins in the body.

Apart from flushing the toxins from your skin, MSM also increases your skin’s permeability. This means that it makes the skin absorbent. With MSM, the skin readily absorbs essential nutrients and moisture needed for a good complexion.

MSM Helps In Managing Stress Reactions

Stress is commonly associated with premature skin aging but in reality, stress impacts the skin in more ways. If you believe that there is hardly any connection between stress and cellulite you might be focusing solely on externals (the dimple marks on your skin) and not what’s going on inside your body.

When you are stressed, your body reacts differently so that you can cope and not break down, so to speak. One of the ways your body copes is by flooding your system with cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol provides a quick boost of energy and triggers an acute response by the immune system.

While it may appear that these reactions are beneficial, it should never be sustained. Once your body reaches this state of hypersensitivity because of stress, it needs to relax to recover.

If you are continuously under stress, the excess cortisol will cause your body to store fat and harm your immune system. Collectively, all these negative effects would lead to the appearance of cellulite.

This is where MSM helps as it aids in managing the immune response. This compound works to prevent the damaging effects of chronic exposure to stressors.

MSM Improves Skin Elasticity And Appearance

Your skin develops skin cellulite primarily because the connective fibers beneath your skin lose their elasticity. To counter this problem, you need to do the reverse which is work on improving the elasticity of your skin so that it will remain tight and firm. MSM can greatly assist in this area because of its anti-oxidant properties.

Products rich in antioxidants, whether consumed orally or topically applied, have been found to improve the elastic tissue content of the skin. MSM then helps to keep the skin tight and even provides protection against photoaging (the visible signs of aging caused by the sun).

Furthermore, there are studies that support how MSM treatment can considerably help in promoting healthy skin condition and appearance. One researcher noted how the use of MSM and pyruvic acid greatly improved skin elasticity by lessening wrinkling and the degree of pigmentation of the subjects.

MSM Offers Anti-Inflammatory Properties

In addition to the weakening of skin elasticity, toxin build-up, and stress, poor blood circulation is another culprit why people develop cellulite.

Apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, one of the most overlooked reasons for poor blood circulation is inflammation. Inflammation causes your body to accumulate toxins that further bulk up cells and ultimately lead to water retention, which can increase the appearance of cellulite production.

MSM significantly reduces the level of inflammation because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Using MSM-containing products paired with staying thoroughly hydrated will aid in reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and eventually diminishing the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

As mentioned earlier, more clinical studies are needed to explore the benefits of MSM in skin care and other areas more deeply. However, given the many remarkable effects of this ingredient on reducing the appearance of cellulite alone, it is safe to assume that MSM would be an even more prominent ingredient in many beauty products in the future.